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Larry Fojt Email


 I began in 1963 under the tutorage of Doc Anognostis (Galveston Skydivers) Those were some days. 28' cheapo's chopped into 5 TU's with french cuts and derry slots.Cardinal Puff till you puked and passed out,back up and jumping the next Am. But we were young then and invincible.

Dennis Henley Email

Come on "ACE OF SPADES", if you are going to dump on people from the sport like this, at least give us your name so we can tell who is dong the crucifying.
Go out, make a jump and clear your head man!


Dennis Henley

SCR-216 / AZSCR-41 / Bandito-76 /on and on and on...

ron armstrong 


I made my first free-fall jump in 1962.  Helped form the Parahawk Skydivers in 1962 by merging Eaton Rapids Skydivers and Lansing Sport Parachute Team.  I was Secy-Treas. We made over 1,000 jumps at Ionia County Airport summer 1963. My PCA license was B-2263.  My last jump was in Cedar Springs at the Red Flannel Festival.  Parachuting days are some of my most cherished memories.  Great friends, great adventure.

Loyde P. "Snake" Arender Email


     Jim Arender is my 1st cousin. I vividly remember seeing his picture on a magazine in about 1962 or so.  Jim's Dad, Barney, was my Dad's (Monroe) younger brother.  The Snake Den:

Lloyd Anderson Email

Such a warm feeling to see these pioneers in sport parachuting. I began jumping at a club located in Manville, NJ in 1965. While Lee Guilfoyle was involved with PI at Lakewood, his brothers were jumping, and instructing at Manville, NJ.

Having attended what was the undertaking to explore a professional parachutists association at the Thunderbird Hotel in Las Vegas I had the good fortune to meet , and down a few with some of the celebrities of the day, and helping to shuttle the Golden Knights from the DZ, and to the jump plane.

You guys were very special people ( even if you did fight now and then) some now gone, but not forgotten.

Loy Brydon
Jim Henry Arender
Maxine Hartman
Russ Gunby
Mike Lyons
Suzie Clements
Lyle Cameron
Steve Snyder

Brave souls packing up Para Commanders, and Crossbows on the ground behind the Thunderbird, after a few rounds of  drinking games. LOL One could say the world has changed.
Thanks to all of you who treated a newbie, just like one of the gang.
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