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Skydiving Pioneers Guestbook

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Bryan Arender Email


I am  proud  to  be  your cousin  Jim.  I  never  met  u,  but  remember  u  being  on  the  the  back  of  Popular Mechanics,  magazine.

Ed Hara Email

Aloha Tom Anderson! I have been wondering about the old members, I keep in touch with Vince Sullivan, we email each other daily. Any news about some of the other members?

Patrick D. McTamany Email

              Scott Hamilton where are you. Also Bob Buscher.
       Green Beret Sport Parachute CLub, Old hospital area
       Fort Bragg,North Carolina. Circa: 1962-1964. Loy
       Brydon and so many more. Claude Webber.
                 Patrick D. McTamany         D592

Woody Binnicker Email

To Melissa Hale Smith:
I was from Denmark and jumped with your Dad. Drop me an e-mail and would be glad to discuss our old times together.
Woody Binnicker

Scott Myers Email


Hello again! Just updated my email a few months ago when I wound up getting DSL. Checking to see if there were any more entries onto the guestbook. I feel as if I had been transported back into time from just reading the exploits of skydiving in the 1960s. Wished I had jumped with either Anne Batterson, Barbara Roquemore or maybe jeanni mccombs...I would have had a kick just seeing them in action while trying to learn to fall stable with them! Anyways, thanks for your time and I'll go back into the shadows for now!

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