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Tom Anderson Email

D.B. Cooper where are you?
  Also -Where is Norm Heaton, Susie Joerns, Hector Nunez and the other Tom Anderson from Seattle?
                                                   Tom Anderson G.W. #500
                                                     (formerly from Hawaii)

Dennis Henley Email


Hello Sharon,
As I remember it, we would gather at the bar in Whittier one night a week to watch the weekly jump movies of our jumps at Taft, Elsinore, Perris and other DZ's around the south. Later in the week we would travel to the Frank Carpenter and Willy Donald's Rumbleseat Bar in Hermosa Beach to watch them again. You know jumpers: if we were in the movie we couldn't see enough of them (Ourselves).


I remember Lyle Cameron and Bobby Sinclair getting a bunch of us jumpers together to march down Hollywood Blvd to the Chinese Theater for the premier of Gypsy Moths. I think Garth and Jay landed in the parking lot next to the theater.

I don't think any of the actors in the movie attended the event, so we had to party on our own after the movie. We sure did, but it was sure strange to see so many people in downtown H-wood in bars wearing jump-suites. Well, as they say "when in LA-LA land"...

I'll e-mail you to let you know how to get in touch with Garth.

Blue Skies,
Dennis Henley

Sharon Crigler Email

I was Tag (Garth Taggart) and Jay Gifford's MGR @ the Gypsy Moths in Whittier, CA. and loved the both of them they were great friends, and miss them, IF anyone still see's or hears from either one please tell them Hi and if they want to get a hold of me, please have them email,,,,tell them I still remember when they were going to Jump for the premier at Chinese Theatre in Hollywood for Gypsy Moths and we were in the Cessna scouting the best jump to make, great Friends great times, please the way my Grandson's 21st b-day wish is to skydive....any ideas of the best experience....Still Perris....?

Larry Ransom Email

Made my first sport jumps at Quantico Sport Parachute Club at MCB Quantico, VA in 1962. Would like to hear from any of the original members.

FAA Sr Rigger, etc, etc

Ron Michaels Email


Jim Arender was my roommate at Ft. Bragg in the late 50's.  He was my first jumpmaster.  I moved in with him and the Army Team.  But they felt it would be best if I jumped with them if I wanted to live with them.  I was a PsyWar leg.  So Jim showed me how do do a PLF.  The next day, they put this novice out in 15 knot winds with gusts up to 25.  Great fun.  All the guys waved as I passed over the T at 2500 feet crabbing full into the wind and pulling down on both toggles as hard as I could.  No success.  They had a jeep waiting far out on the DZ and got me back to the packing area for a new chute so they could shove me on the next lift.  They qualified me on Day 1 with five jumps including my first delay.  Of course everybody laughed.  Wouldn't you?  I did, too.  But for the rest of my tour, I lived with and jumped with the best guys in the world:  The US Army Sport Parachute Team -- now called the Golden Knights.  I was the only leg in the group.  They made me a turtle.  And those guys are never out of my mind.  How could I ever forget?  They're always there.  I cherish the memories.  I went to visit Jim in New York and moved to the city in 1962.  Jim and I lost touch after awhile.  I lived in Manhattan for 15 years.  Jim was my friend and my brother.  How can I find him?   Thanks.

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