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Homer R. Steedly Jr. Email

I jumped and trained under Mike Kremer at Ft. Campbell in the late 60's.  Would love to contact anyone else who may have jumped with the Ft. Campbell Sky Diving Club, or in Civilian club near Hopkins, Ky with Curtis Eckstein.

jerry allen Email

looking for tom anderson. Aloha Sky Divers.
Jerry Allen

Larry Horton Email

My name is Larry Horton age 72, I live in Aberdeen, NC (retired)
My first jump was in Erwin, N C, in 1959, jumpmaster Claude Webber, aircraft Piper Tri-pacer ,training prior to jump by Claude, George Weimer, Jon Berquist, and  Denny Bates, parachute was a single "T",  B-12 A.F. surplus, cost $15, modified by Geo.,Jon, Denny. Continued to jump until 1966, Race tracks, shopping centers, promotions etc. and for fun!!!  I was a honoray member of Psy-War Club, Ft Bragg.  Names I  remember Keith Jorgensen,  Larry Henzerling,  Pete Beswick, Steve Blackman, Lt. Peterson.

Barbara Vanderslice Email

Playing round on PC, ran across this page, began thinking about old friends like The Schrimshers from Dallas and many others.  I remember Gene Richey very well, he was a very kind gentleman, was a Sergeant in the military I believe.
My husband Bob had 546 total jumps, was very enthused. He entered a meet near A&M and I recall he won the first Money Accuracy Meet, the sum total of a huge $145 and all were envious, me included. Gene Richey was there running the Meet I believe.
Later we had another Meet and by then I had attempted to skydive (wasnt very good, always went in to a spin, never could figure out why). Anyway they had a woman's event included and only 2 women entered, both couldnt even hit the drop zone, couldnt let one of them get the trophy.....I entered tho I only had about 40 jumps, Bob could always jumpmaster me well, others had hard time as I only weighed 100 lbs and came down slowly, I jumped but tho I took first place I had only done PLFs. I had always backed in, when I got close to target Gene Richey was marking jumps,I just closed my eyes and went for it, chickened out, turned and backed in..
Gene was naturally ticked at me, it seems if I had just opened my eyes I could have touched dead center with my foot.I did get the trophy tho! Some woman had to hit the target area, right?
I am considerably older now but still remember the fun and friendships we shared with others, and a few broken bones too!
My Bob had 546 jumps when his employer transferred us to Ca.  I retired from jumping as I was lousy anyway. He made a few jumps in Ca with old friends ie Nels Lindblom from Houston via Omaha and Bil Compton, his best friend from Dallas.  I still stay in touch with these two good friends.
We were again transferred and he sold his beloved PC, which he proudly received from McElfish Parachute Service at Love Field, free gratis(of course with McElfish written in big letters on the canopy) when competing in the National Championships at Tahlequa, Okla or Marana, Arizona in 1966, 67 and 68.
Moves took us all over after that and in order to get ahead and raise our family we went out of the skydiving business.
We were good friends with Jerry and Sherry Schrimsher and I felt sad to hear Jerry had passed on.  Bob, my husband, died in 2007 so an era of parachutists are gathering in the heavens telling lies  about the "good ole days". Bob's license number was D-1160, I will always remember that.
My Uncle, by the way, was barnstorming from airplanes in the late Thirties.
Enjoy every last jump, time flies by and life changes.
Regards to all of you. I still look at the sky when I hear a plane cut it's engines overhead. That urge will never leave me, I always hope someone will bail out!
Barbara Vanderslice


Donald Fox C-5355 Email


My first sport jump, or pushed out the door by Leo Knudson C-4280, a former bar tender at the Beach Party, Panama City Beach, FL, and Asa Burke B-6236 an Iron Worker at large, was in Milton, FL, on 3 Sep 67, a week or so after returning from RVN with the 1st Brigade, 101st Airborne Division.  I opted out of my former MOS after arriving at Ft. Bragg, NC, and cross-trained as a Parachute Rigger at Ft. Lee, VA, in Nov 67.  I was assigned to Pack Platoon, 82nd AES Co, 82nd Airborne Division, commanded by Capt Jim Garvey D-230.  I jumped with Garvey at Ft Lee along with a couple of Navy guys, Jim Peck B-6593-UDT and Dave Wilson a SEAL Team member also attending rigger school.  I accepted a special duty assignment at the 82nd Sport Parachute Club as one of their club riggers and Parachutist Instructors in Jun 68 with Gary Barrick C-5129, and boss Nolan “Bo” Bowling C-3134, 82nd SPC manager.  I remember many of the jumpers at Ft Bragg and Pope AFB including some of those listed in this guest book and from the US Army Parachute Team.  Richard French-82nd SPC, Bob Horn-XVIII Corps, Jean Paul Thacker-SF and some of the guys around the Fayetteville area.  Bill Jones D-924 and Tom Eddins C-6900 from Shaw AFB SPC would come up with their group and jump C-130’s with us and we’d travel to Sumter for a weekend and gang up at Bill’s house for some true southern hospitality.  (British) Capt Gardner (SAS) D-1922 & UK D-113, Don Taufer D-2067, Philip Flynn D-190, Mr “Ed” Avery D-1662, CMD SM Henry Belton-SF D-633, Maj “D” Dillon C-3501, Al Fitzwater D-964, Coy McDonald D-70, Chuck Parsons B-7065, Ron Tavalero B-7066, , Dennis Lauziere C-5163, and Bill Knotts a jumper and private pilot that flew for club members were pretty much regulars at the 82nd SPC and would join us on jump day.  I met Curt Hughes with Capt Garvey and Capt Flynn at Capitol Parachute Company in downtown Fayetteville, NC, when he and partners were in the early developing stages of a Delta Wing.  There were so many others that were important to sky diving in the Carolina’s that passed through the 82nd SPC and I‘m glad I had the opportunity to know and jump with a few of them.  There was no better place on Earth to be.  I left the Army in late Feb 69 after 3 years and accepted a Parachute Rigger and Fabric Worker position culminating a 36-year civil service career with the USAF at Tyndall AFB, FL, and retiring 2 Jan 07.  Frank Dodd B-195 signed my last jump, 210, on 29 May 77.  I've jumped in NC, SC, VA, and the FL Panhandle with a few jumps in south FL at Posey's Patch in Boynton Beach, and some good times were had at The Keg in Boca Raton, FL, Pop’s 2 O’clock Club in Perry, FL, and of course Two Chiefs Truck Stop in Panama City, FL.  Those were the days…


Donald Fox B-7016;  C-5355

Panama City, Florida

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