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Skydiving Pioneers Guestbook

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Charlie Klenowski Email

Hi all.

Art Boone D-2284 Email

  I started jumping with the XVIII Airborne Corps Sport Parachute Club at Ft Bragg in 1963 and made over 130 skydives by 1964 and was a Jumpmaster and Instructor there. We were next door to the Special Warfare Parachute Club, and the 82nd Club was up the street. Bobby "Spider" Wrenn had a spider painted on his canopy (a round canopy, of course), and his wife had a bunny painted on hers. We regularly jumped a Cessna 195, and were not totally dependent on military aircraft. Each member paid dues to support the aircraft.
  As a civilian, having 100 jumps was considered a skygod. Very few civilian jumpers in 1965 could make standup landings, and
"tracking" was unknown until I awed them with demonstrations.
  Around 1965 the Para-Commander came on the market. Even though today I jump a square I consider the PC to be the best
chute ever, and I still have one.
  I remember those east coast jump organizations like MEPA and CASPA that scheduled Meets for competition in Accuracy and Style. Boy, there were some good jumpers and pilots at those Meets!  The sport has changed, and we've had to change with it.

Bill Wittich Email

jumped at Fountain, N.C., with major Bob Ed Mikelitis, and Roy Minor,  Mac if your out there give me a Jingle ( see Email), out here in Santa Cruz, Ca. Still JUmping at Lodi, and Monterey, ca.

Bill Wittich D-3951, C-7317

Bob Horn 

Brings back a lot of memories reading about the pioneers guestbook, I, knew about all that have been mentioned, had forgot a few of the names but also a few not mentioned. I, had the XVIII Abn Corps Sport Parachute Club at the same time period when Gene Paul Thacker D-167 had the Green Beret Parachute Club, Nolan Bowlin C-3134 had the 82nd Parachute Club, Nolan left and Bobby "SPIDER" Wrenn D-459 took over the 82nd Sport Parachute Club. I got to jump with the best that was in the sport. I, was a member of the Vietnam Parachute Club NHAY DU, President of the club was Ray Duffy D-148, Sec=Tres was Nolan Boling C-3134. My membership #3. You know who had #1 #2, Ray then Nolan. Some other members were Richard "Dick" Harmon D-936, Phil Flynn D-190, Eugene Hausnfus D-1569, Fostervold D-1488, Buddy Bouden D-1586, David Rudlem C-3798, Bob Armis B-5990, there are a few more but I,have no record of them.  I, live real close to a great friend of mine. a lot of you might remember as Hawk-Eye,  Sherm Hawkins D-369. Buddy D-1586 if you read this call 918-759-9930. THANKS:

Chuck Fronce C-1112 Email

If anyone knows the ware abouts of Dennis A. Clark D-367, please drop me an e-mail. Dennis was a member of the Ft. Hood Parachute Team in the early 1960s.

Chuck Fronce 
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