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Donald Fox C-5355 Email


My first sport jump, or pushed out the door by Leo Knudson C-4280, a former bar tender at the Beach Party, Panama City Beach, FL, and Asa Burke B-6236 an Iron Worker at large, was in Milton, FL, on 3 Sep 67, a week or so after returning from RVN with the 1st Brigade, 101st Airborne Division.  I opted out of my former MOS after arriving at Ft. Bragg, NC, and cross-trained as a Parachute Rigger at Ft. Lee, VA, in Nov 67.  I was assigned to Pack Platoon, 82nd AES Co, 82nd Airborne Division, commanded by Capt Jim Garvey D-230.  I jumped with Garvey at Ft Lee along with a couple of Navy guys, Jim Peck B-6593-UDT and Dave Wilson a SEAL Team member also attending rigger school.  I accepted a special duty assignment at the 82nd Sport Parachute Club as one of their club riggers and Parachutist Instructors in Jun 68 with Gary Barrick C-5129, and boss Nolan “Bo” Bowling C-3134, 82nd SPC manager.  I remember many of the jumpers at Ft Bragg and Pope AFB including some of those listed in this guest book and from the US Army Parachute Team.  Richard French-82nd SPC, Bob Horn-XVIII Corps, Jean Paul Thacker-SF and some of the guys around the Fayetteville area.  Bill Jones D-924 and Tom Eddins C-6900 from Shaw AFB SPC would come up with their group and jump C-130’s with us and we’d travel to Sumter for a weekend and gang up at Bill’s house for some true southern hospitality.  (British) Capt Gardner (SAS) D-1922 & UK D-113, Don Taufer D-2067, Philip Flynn D-190, Mr “Ed” Avery D-1662, CMD SM Henry Belton-SF D-633, Maj “D” Dillon C-3501, Al Fitzwater D-964, Coy McDonald D-70, Chuck Parsons B-7065, Ron Tavalero B-7066, , Dennis Lauziere C-5163, and Bill Knotts a jumper and private pilot that flew for club members were pretty much regulars at the 82nd SPC and would join us on jump day.  I met Curt Hughes with Capt Garvey and Capt Flynn at Capitol Parachute Company in downtown Fayetteville, NC, when he and partners were in the early developing stages of a Delta Wing.  There were so many others that were important to sky diving in the Carolina’s that passed through the 82nd SPC and I‘m glad I had the opportunity to know and jump with a few of them.  There was no better place on Earth to be.  I left the Army in late Feb 69 after 3 years and accepted a Parachute Rigger and Fabric Worker position culminating a 36-year civil service career with the USAF at Tyndall AFB, FL, and retiring 2 Jan 07.  Frank Dodd B-195 signed my last jump, 210, on 29 May 77.  I've jumped in NC, SC, VA, and the FL Panhandle with a few jumps in south FL at Posey's Patch in Boynton Beach, and some good times were had at The Keg in Boca Raton, FL, Pop’s 2 O’clock Club in Perry, FL, and of course Two Chiefs Truck Stop in Panama City, FL.  Those were the days…


Donald Fox B-7016;  C-5355

Panama City, Florida

Joe Coyle Email

First jump Korea, 1967.  I jumped at Lakeside, CA, from 1967 until 1971.  Crossed paths with lots of interesting people and made great, life-long friends.

Don Humphries Sr. (RIP)
Bob Fueling (RIP)
Woody Woodhouse
Jerry Wassman (Jennings)
Al & Linda Shufeldt
Vance & Loretta Briese
Jenner Knight (pilot)
Stretch Harris
Bob Ulrich (Urch)
Ken Dobell
Dennis Sattler

to name but a few.  What a great bunch of folks.

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Lenny Waugh Email

A nice site.  I will certainly return.
Lenny Waugh B 131 C 211 D 128

Lisa Ritter Email

Seeking information on Charles Broadwick and early parachuting
(WWII and prior)

If you are a veteran skydiver, parachute historian or just someone knowledgeable about Charles Broadwick and his contributions to parachuting, I would love to hear from you. Charles Broadwick invented the static-line-deployed backpack parachute in the early 20th century.

I have written an article about Charles Broadwick for Air & Space Smithsonian magazine (March 2010) and am currently completing a book about him.

In particular, I am looking for (1) stories about Charles Broadwick (second-hand is fine) or (2) stories about early parachuting equipment, pioneers and experiences (WWII and prior; again, second-hand is fine). But I am interested in any interesting stories you'd like to share about early parachuting.

I have conducted extensive research, but people tell better stories than books! You can e-mail me your story, or I will be happy to set up a phone interview at your convenience.

E-mail me directly at

Looking forward to hearing from folks!
Lisa Ritter
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