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Bob Horn 

Brings back a lot of memories reading about the pioneers guestbook, I, knew about all that have been mentioned, had forgot a few of the names but also a few not mentioned. I, had the XVIII Abn Corps Sport Parachute Club at the same time period when Gene Paul Thacker D-167 had the Green Beret Parachute Club, Nolan Bowlin C-3134 had the 82nd Parachute Club, Nolan left and Bobby "SPIDER" Wrenn D-459 took over the 82nd Sport Parachute Club. I got to jump with the best that was in the sport. I, was a member of the Vietnam Parachute Club NHAY DU, President of the club was Ray Duffy D-148, Sec=Tres was Nolan Boling C-3134. My membership #3. You know who had #1 #2, Ray then Nolan. Some other members were Richard "Dick" Harmon D-936, Phil Flynn D-190, Eugene Hausnfus D-1569, Fostervold D-1488, Buddy Bouden D-1586, David Rudlem C-3798, Bob Armis B-5990, there are a few more but I,have no record of them.  I, live real close to a great friend of mine. a lot of you might remember as Hawk-Eye,  Sherm Hawkins D-369. Buddy D-1586 if you read this call 918-759-9930. THANKS:

Chuck Fronce C-1112 Email

If anyone knows the ware abouts of Dennis A. Clark D-367, please drop me an e-mail. Dennis was a member of the Ft. Hood Parachute Team in the early 1960s.

Chuck Fronce 

Ronald Kausak Email


First jumped in May 1963.D1515.Id like to be on the list to recieve Pioneers of Skydiving.

Bill Fisher Email

Just looking to touch base with old timers from Antioch, Ca. DZ ('68-'71)------------Bill Fisher

Art Momper Email

Nice to run on to this section and see the originators of the sport connecting. I started as an 18 year old student at Oklahoma State jumping condemned Army parachutes. Took some real hard landings. You know the ones. I remember looking in awe at Para Commanders and wondering what it must be like to have that much money!
I started jumping because as a youngster I saw the show Ripcord. Anyone recall that? Literally, the minute I was legal I was in the OSU club. Relative work consisted of baton passes if you were lucky.
One day I got to jump one of the "LO-PO's" that were used on the Ripcord show. No one else would jump it because it was a 'death rig'. I didn't care- it was from Ripcord!!! Sure enough,on opening, I looked up to see pretty large areas stained with blood. Still, it was like getting to ride Trigger with Roy! Wow.
I went on to make close to 1800 jumps and I have been out due to health, but made a tandem today on my 60th B-day. Sweet!
I was fortunate enough to be part of several world record big-ways, including the first 200 way. I consider free fall like oxygen! You know the feeling! If anyone out there is from the OSU or Stroud DZ days of 68-72, let me know. Art

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